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Travelling to China requires a Chinese visa. If you do not have one already, here is how to get one:

a. Find a Chinese Embassy/ consulate/ Visa application center in your current country that's most convenient for you.

b. Prepare the following documents

      • The scanned copy of your passport photo page(s).
      • The information of your planned trip to China, especially the departure dates and city. 
      • The city name of the Chinese embassy or consulate you would like to visit for visa application.

c. See the box down below. Email the above material to the corresponding email account according to your type. We will issue you an invitation letter as soon as possible.

d. Visit the homepage or contact the Embassy/ consulate/ Visa application center beforehand to check the requirements of your local embassy. Make sure you bring the Invitation Letter we issued, the documents from Step 2 and any other documents required by your local Chinese embassy or consulate.

Your Type Contact Email
Mathematics Best Paper winner
Mathematics category but non Mathematics BPA winner
Theoretical Physics Best Paper winner
Theoretical category but non Physics BPA winner
Theoretical Computer and Information Science Best Paper winner
Theoretical Computer and Information Science category but non BPA winner

2. Preparation before departure

a. Epidemic Control
Before departure, referring to the latest notice about epidemic control on the website of your local Chinese embassy and consulate and the airplane company. In some cases, it is requested to take a photo of the Nasal/Throat Swab test result and upload. Please be noted that failure to provide such information may result in failure departure.
b . Exchange Chinese Yuan (CNY, the Chinese currency) cash
We strongly recommend exchanging 1000-2000 RMB cash per person prior to your upcoming international trip in your country or at the departure airport. Also, bringing a credit card, Visa and Master preferred, with you if possible. 
c. Converter and adapter
The electricity of China is 220V voltage and 50Hz, and the outlet system might be different from your country. Make sure you prepare power plug adapter and/or voltage transformer. Besides, the hotels may be not equiped with USB or Type C outlet on the wall, please prepare yourself with chargers.

3. For your convenience

a. About internet connection

The venue of the congress and the hotel has free WIFI. However, to assure the accessibilities to the internet, we suggest you prepare yourself with mobile network and/or VPN service. 

b. About Alipay

Though most places in China still accept cash, there are merchants that only accept electronic payment, such as Wechat Pay or Alipay (no apple pay in most cases), especially when taking taxi. 

If you would like to get an Alipay account, please follow the instructions on the picture.